Christmas Record 2016

by Christmas Record

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This is a (free) Christmas present but if you feel like donating anything, please give it to a homelessness charity:


released December 12, 2016

Everything was done between November 4th and December 11th 2016.

Equipment: Much the same as last year, with the noteworthy addition of a guitarlele to call my own and some excellent jingle bells and shakers which were kindly donated to the cause.

The download comes with a pretty lyric book of photography and words. Thank you to Amelia for a considered second opinion, to Damski for offering but not listening, to Elodie for the advent calendar, to #YL for the bells and shakers, and to my kid brother for consistent and general wisdom.

Merry Christmas.



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Track Name: Feudal Festivus
Save all your love for the world
Retreat into myths with a sweet nostalgic glow
Because it's Christmas time

Signal your love without fear
Drink your flat whites for the helpless and meek
Only at Christmas time
Consume your good deeds for the year and then we'll dine

There is nothing that we could ask for or desire a small part of
There is nothing that you or i could ever be neglectful of

Slave to the wage all year ‘round
Get to the sales, embrace all your peasant dreams
Only at Christmas time
Fake mistletoe, cheap wine

Save what you love
Discounted dreams
Believing all we can see     
Indulging everything
But you don't
Track Name: Hex/mass
A special place reserved for you and i
A refugee escapes by cosmic light
Consumer heaven spells out restlessness
Hallucinations cloud our minds 
But love can heal the world

Cavort like everything's just paradise
Escape reality at Christmas time 
Incessant doubts will spell an end for you and i
Was once a witness to such better times
But love can heal the world

The turkey burning as amnesia strikes
Just write down lists of everything you like
Such casual nature that was once enshrined
Our masked indifference just refined

Festive isle
Contradictions soon compile
Stay a while learn to love
In denial that time unravels in a spiral
But what is the purpose if not love?
Track Name: Overdrawn
The snow outside
I see with my own eyes
It's up to us to decide
Do we stay inside?

Cold outside
And as we line the streets in queues for sales
Complicit as we're compromised
It’s Christmas time again

There's no escaping the lies
At the North Pole truth dies
The months disappear
The cold draws near

You're overdrawn
You're underwhelmed
So meaningless
Back to work

You're wrong
Cold and lonely but it’s Christmas time
Morally bankrupt but we're feeling fine
No silent nights, what have we become?
Dead inside but we're having fun

Buy me a pony or a better life
Mind your fingers on the carving knife
The snow comes down, we forget the cost
Gift wrap the parts of everything we've lost
Track Name: To the river and moon
(This song is literally for kids)

Welcome to the world
May your time here be full of love
Wonder and adventure
Happy journeys and many friends

For all of humanity and all creatures on earth
Merry Christmas time
The improbability of existing at all

To the river
To the moon
From me to you

May you grow into a world:
Without surveillance
Free and safe drugs
Full automation
Where we dedicate our time to music and love
Ending all discrimination
Let the animals enjoy the earth
(because it's theirs too)
Dream of beautiful creatures and
Recognise you are a part of the world and it’s part of you.